Get Ready to Upgrade Family Game Night with Jackbox Party Pack 10

September 14, 2023 10:04 am in by
Jackbox Party Pack 10

Jackbox are getting ready to drop a new set of games with “The Jackbox Party Pack 10” and we can’t wait to add them to family game night!

The “Jackbox” collection of games is famous for its unique ability to bring friends and family together in a riotous whirlwind of laughter and creativity. What sets these games apart is their accessibility; all you need is a smartphone or a computer/console to participate, making them incredibly inclusive and easy to set up.

The game’s quirky sense of humour and clever prompts encourage players to unleash their wit and imagination, leading to hilarious and unpredictable outcomes. Whether it’s crafting ridiculous responses in “Quiplash,” creating bizarre inventions in “Patent It!,” or drawing hilariously misshapen doodles in “Drawful,” Jackbox games have an uncanny knack for turning even the most reserved individuals into raucous comedians.

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Plus, the seamless integration of social features and the ability to play remotely with friends from afar have made it a staple for virtual gatherings, making “Jackbox” an enduring favourite for social gaming enthusiasts around the world.

So What 5 games are coming in The Jackbox Party Pack 10:

  • Tee K.O 2 (Drawing, Writing): In Tee K.O. 2, return to T-Shirt Island, where the most hardened warriors in the world compete in a deadly fighting tournament. The drawing finger – not the fist – decides the victory! Tee K.O. 2 supports 3-8 players. 
  • FixyText (Writing, Teamwork): FixyText is the Wild West of text editing. In this chaotic game, everyone’s in a group chat, typing all at once to make the most memorable statement. And there’s no delete key. Take that auto-correct! FixyText supports 3-8 players. 
  • Hypnotorious (Hidden Identity, Roleplaying): Hypnotorious is a game with secret roles, tentative alliances and of course, silly answers to ridiculous questions. Who is on your side? Hypnotorious supports 4-8 players. 
  • Timejinx (Trivia): In Timejinx, you’re a time traveller from the future competing in a high-stakes trivia night. Save your current timeline by answering questions about the past. Timejinx supports 1-8 players. 
  • Dodo Re Mi (Music, Teamwork): In Dodo Re Mi, your phone is your instrument. You and your flock must make music together to escape the hungry jungle plant. Dodo Re Mi supports 1-9 players.

It’s coming to PC, Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo and I’m ready to play. NOW!

Jackbox is still putting the final bells and whistles on this pack but the wait will be short!

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You can wishlist the game on your platform of choice so you know as soon as it’s released:

The Jackbox Party Pack 10 will be available in October. These games are perfect for your family holidays, game nights with friends, work happy hour, or playing alongside your favourite streamer.