Max the Cat Earns Honorary Degree in ‘Litter-ature’

May 24, 2024 7:00 am in by Trinity Miller
Photo by Vermont State University

Vermont State University recently honored an unusual yet beloved figure on their campus—a tabby cat named Max—with an honorary doctorate in “litter-ature.” Max, also known as Max Dow, has become a cherished presence at the university, earning his degree not for scholarly achievements, but for his exceptional friendliness and rodent-catching prowess. The university’s announcement quickly went viral, delighting many online.

Max, a former feral kitten from Fair Haven, Vermont, has been a familiar face at the Castleton campus for about five years, living with his human, Ashley Dow. He’s known for napping, hunting mice, and providing emotional support to students, who often carry him in their backpacks and take photos of him for their classes. Max has even become part of campus tours, much to the delight of prospective students.

Not everyone has been thrilled with Max’s presence, as local feral cats have occasionally attacked him. However, the campus community has rallied to protect him, even respecting Ashley’s requests to bring Max home after hours.

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Max’s honorary degree was celebrated with a humorous Facebook post, awarding him all the “catnip perks, scratching-post privileges, and litter-box responsibilities” that come with the title. While Max won’t attend the graduation ceremony, the diploma will be delivered to Ashley soon.

In a touching moment, students once created a shrine for Max during his absence, complete with candles and a framed photo, showcasing the deep affection the campus has for their furry friend.

Max the Cat: A Furry Scholar in the Making

Max the Cat has officially achieved academic greatness! Vermont State University’s Castleton campus recently bestowed an honorary degree in “litter-ature” upon this friendly feline. Max has been a beloved member of the campus community, not for his napping or mousing, but for his undeniable charm and social presence.

Max lives with his human family near the campus entrance and has been mingling with students for about four years. He has become somewhat of a celebrity, with students often picking him up for selfies and bringing him along on campus tours. His owner, Ashley Dow, marvels at how Max always knows when tours are happening and follows the groups around.

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The honorary degree will be delivered to Max’s home, as he won’t be attending the graduation ceremony. Nevertheless, the campus community continues to adore and celebrate him, often referring to Ashley as “Max’s mom” and checking in on him even after they graduate.

A ‘Purr-fect’ Achievement: Max the Cat Gets Honorary Degree

In a delightful twist of fate, Max the Cat, a resident of Vermont State University’s Castleton campus, has been awarded an honorary doctorate in “litter-ature.” This honorary degree was given not for academic pursuits but for Max’s friendly and affectionate nature, making him a cherished part of the university family.

Max, who lives with his human family just outside the campus, has been socializing with students for about four years. He’s a familiar sight on campus, often seen being petted, carried around, and even joining campus tours. His owner, Ashley Dow, is often referred to as “Max’s mom” by students who adore the tabby.

Although Max won’t attend the official graduation, his degree will be sent home. Max’s honorary title has brought joy to many, highlighting the special bond between the campus community and their unofficial mascot.

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