Truck thought involved in oil spill to be inspected

June 8, 2023 12:14 am in by

A police car in Sydney on Thursday June 9 2011 455x300

Following an oil spill which affected roads in the Greater Hobart area on Tuesday, police have been contacted by the owner of a truck which may have been involved.

The vehicle will be inspected by the relevant authority and police will speak to the owner pending the results.

The oil spill occurred on the Southern Outlet about 2km before Mt Nelson, continuing to Macquarie Street, along the Brooker Highway to the Risdon Road area, through to Derwent Park Road, out to the Midland Highway, Pontville and to Mangalore.

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Crashes were reported as a result of the spill, but there were no serious injuries.

Police said on Tuesday afternoon, it appeared to be a mechanical problem, rather than oil gushing out all over the road.

Authorities say the incident is not a criminal matter and fines may not be issued, however if the truck is found to have defects there can be some fines in relation to that.