“Pause Places” to enhance pathway experience

February 14, 2024 11:39 am in by

Three new locations to admire the beauty of the coastline around Wynyard and Somerset have been completed.

Given the name Pause Places, the stops along the shared foreshore walking and cycling pathway use locally sourced logs, rocks and vegetation in high profile spots to provide interesting places to rest, take a break and take in the scenery.

The project is a joint initiative of the Cradle Coast Authority, Waratah-Wynyard Council and the Somerset Community Shed, with funding from the Tasmanian Department of Health’s Healthy Focus grants programme.

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Pause places have been set up at Port Creek, Burntwood Point and Goldie Street at Wynyard, with two more to come at Sisters Beach and Camp Creek.

The places will also have signs with QR codes, which when scanned using a smartphone, will include details about the history of the area and nearby attractions.