Homeless plea

May 23, 2023 4:25 am in by

All the talk about the merits or otherwise of an AFL stadium for Hobart has been paused by Labor as it drives a message about homelessness being more pressing.

The party’s introduced Nathan Fitzpatrick in Hobart, an NDIS client on the social housing waiting list for four years.

His short term emergency accommodation runs out soon.

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“I have bipolar, chronic pain and other medical issues, when I get stressed I become more unwell, in approximately two weeks I won’t have a home to go to, all I need is my dog and some support to help me find a new home, I ask the government to please help the people who are homeless.”

Nathan, who is a builder by trade, questions why more houses can’t be built quickly.

“I know it takes three months to build a house with two men, four weeks to go through council, that’s one house, I mean there are plenty of vacant blocks in Tasmania, I don’t see why it should be four years before we can get houses for people who are in desperate need of accommodation.”