Habitat vigil on Saturday

May 18, 2023 4:42 am in by

Mickey’s Beach near Eggs and Bacon Bay will be the gathering spot of like-minded opponents of salmon farming in inshore areas on Saturday morning from 10am.

It’s being staged as a vigil for the loss of habitat and aquatic life they claim to have recently filmed at Cray Point and at South Bruny Island.

Peter George from Neighbours of Fish Farming believes the industry has become a real political problem as voters revolt.

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“This Liberal government particularly, but also the Labor opposition are going to pay the price at the next state election when Tasmanians will recognise that this state is not looking after the most important things that we all care about which is our environmental heritage.”

He notes public attitudes have shifted.

“Just a few years ago something like 9% of Tasmanians were concerned about the impact of fish farming around Tasmania, where as the latest reliable and reputable polling shows now 76% of Tasmanians want this industry out of shallow coastal waters that are vulnerable to all their effluent.”