Greenpoint closure shock

September 19, 2023 5:20 am in by

A Bridgewater GP clinic is set to close.

Around 8000 patients who depend on Greenpoint Medical Services are coming to terms with news they’ll have to find another GP by December 8, with the books at many other Greater Hobart doctors already closed.

Greenpoint’s operator says despite its commitment to the Bridgewater community, they’re faced with challenges that have made continuing operations unsustainable, but will assist patients in finding other healthcare providers.

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“We understand that our closure will pose challenges for patients who will require a new care provider,” said a statement on the clinic’s website.

“We want to assure you that continuity of care, and you well-being remains our top concern throughout this transition.”

The Tasmanian Government is less than impressed.

“It is very disappointing to hear Bridgewater’s privately run Greenpoint Medical Centre will close,” said State Health Minister Guy Barnett.

“We call on the Local Federal Labor Member for Lyons, Brian Mitchell, and the Federal Government to immediately act to ensure the Bridgewater community continues to have access to GP services.”

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Mr Mitchell says he’ll work with his federal and state colleagues to try and find a solution.

“The 2 GPs at the clinic, Chris and Bridget, and the team of nurses and other staff, have been incredible over the years and I know their dedication has been deeply appreciated,” said Mr Mitchell.

“I’m hearing different things – that the clinic hasn’t been making enough money for the national group, that it’s been very difficult to recruit new doctors, etc.”


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