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Aussie Top 10 Christmas gifts for 2017


Kia Ora.

Hope this helps you with your Chrissy shopping.

Hatchimal Colleggtibles – Product extension of popular Hatchimals. Collectible series.
Star Wars Lego – A combination of two global franchises.
L.O.L Dolls – Bowl-shaped container with 50 toys inside. Unboxing theme.
Call of Duty – WW2 – Most popular gaming franchise; second largest release for the title.
Google Home – Brings the digital assistant to life; some discounting.
xBox One – Next generation console; better graphics and processing power.
Wireless Headphones – Available across all major brands. Bluetooth more popular.
Aesop – High quality, plant based personal care products.
Tri-Fold Wallet – Three section wallet, folds twice; increased fashion focus.
Pom-pom keychain – Popular fashion accessory with seasonal spin.

Merry Christmas!