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How much is Mum worth for one day?

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When you Google "Mother's Day Gift ideas" you're bombarded with images of big ticket items that you almost need a 6 figure salary to afford. Australians spend around $2 billion on Mother's Day according to the Australian Retailers Association. $200 million is spent on flowers and $300 million is spent at restaurants and cafes. There is huge pressure to spend a lot of money on yet another commercialised day of the year. How much is too much?

We love mum and celebrating her is the best idea since sliced bread (#mumquote). There's no such thing as too much, when it comes to what we can give a mother, it's a question of how do we show love? Do we show it with stuff, experiences, time or simply telling them we love them? Maybe it's a mixture of all four. It's important to remember that the price tag on the gift shouldn't shouldn't say "I love you Mum" just the words from our mouth, our actions from the heart and the sentiment written in a Mother's Day Card.

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