xmas 2019 wings

xmas 2019 wings

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Pin up pet slider KONG

We know how much the people of the North-West Coast love their pets and because of that, each month we'll be selecting one of the coast's pets to be featured on our website. The winner will also receive a $100 prize pack from KONG!
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Congratulations to October’s Pin-up Pet The Ju from Parkalnds

Check out The Ju and the previous winners below. Click on an image to view it bigger.

Nominations for each month's Pin-up Pet start on the 1st!

Want to get your pet honoured as next month's Pin-up Pet? Simply nominate them below!

Remember, even if you've nominated your pet in a previous month and they haven't won, you'll still need to nominate them again if you want them in the running to be next month's Pin-up Pet!

If your pet doesn't win this time around, don't worry - you can nominate them again next month!

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Nominations are open until the 14th of this month and voting will start on the 15th!

Here are some of the entries coming in so far:

Nominate your pet now!