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Each weekday morning Sea FM's Lee & Jess for Breakfast will cross to Kayden from the street team who will be on the brand new Huawei P30 Pro thanks to Contel Communications, Kayden will be somewhere on the Coast in the Sea FM Cruiser loaded up with the coast's best FREEBIES for you!!!

This week you can catch Kayden out and about in the Sea FM Cruiser all thanks to Anchor Wetsuits.

Anchor Wetsuits have a pop up store happening THIS WEEKEND at The Cradle Coast Outrigger Club located along the Bass Highway in South Burnie.

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Wetsuits half price this weekend – The Outrigger - Bass Hwy

From the hottest movie tickets and CDs to snacks, drinks and Friends with Benefits Key Tags... simply listen to Lee & Jess each weekday morning from 8am to find out where the Sea FM Street Team will be and what they've got on board to giveaway.

The Seafm Cruiser, Powered by Harvey Norman

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Cripps Master Loaf - Cripps Master Loaf, Tasmania's daily bread since 1878

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Flavoured Milk thanks to Betta Milk

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 Catch Kayden on the Streets of the Coast weekday mornings just after 8am in the Sea FM Cruiser Powered by Harvey Norman Burnie.