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mikeob 2018 profile

Five things we don't know about you:
1 I'm a kiwi (if you didn't notice the accent already)
2 I have two teenage sons
3 I have a Boxer called Bear
4 I'm part Maori
5 I had a recurring dream as a kid of me buying a child-size X-Wing and my own R2-D2 from our local supermarket

Career History
ECM CD Store
Youth Worker
Night and Breakie Announcer
TAS- UTAS Research Technician
CODAS Computers Sales
SeaFM Workday Announcer

Career highlight
I've got two.. is that ok? Doing Breakie Show with Ken Green in New Zealand and joining the SeaFM crew in Tasmania.

Favourite Tasmanian event of the year
Christmas... you do it the best Tassie.

Favourite band or music act of all time
John Mayer...but haven't seen him live yet..hint hint boss.

Which fashion accessory could you not live without?
Yankees cap. For bad hair days and popping to the shops first thing in the morning.

Who is the most interesting person you've interviewed and why?
Helen Clarke. Coz she was prime minister of NZ.

If we gave you $1000 what would you spend it on?
Weekend away with my sons.

If you weren't a radio presenter what would you be doing?
Sitting at home on a Netflix binge or working my way into the film industry.