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Mark Fry on Splintered Rails

Thu 20 Sep 2018 11:08 pm to 11:08 pm

  • Burnie LINC - 30 Alexander Street, Burnie
    (1st Floor Foyer - access via rear door off Little Alexander Street)

Burnie Historical Society Guest Speaker

Mark Fry
On Splintered Rails: The era of the Tasmanian Bush Loco 1873 -1974

Mark’s talk chronicles the development of the technology that surrounded the era of the Tasmanian Bush Loco and the humble logging tramway, examining in detail how things were done using improvisation, and many of the "one-offs" that resulted.
From the earliest of log hauler winches used for 'snigging logs', to the introduction of the spectacular American 'High Lead' form of logging, all methods of logging are described.
The rapid progress of the bush tram locomotive from steam power to internal combustion power for delivering logs and bushmen to the mill is explained.
Gleaned from 21 years of original research, including numerous riveting and amusing anecdotal accounts from those men and women once involved in this industry, and in-depth archival research this talk is an introduction to a fascinating but largely forgotten era of Tasmania's history.