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Roads to be upgraded in council funding boost

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Tasmanian councils will share in over $16 million from the federal government to upgrade local roads and infrastructure in the post-COVID-19 economy. 

Canberra is injecting $500 million into local government coffers as part of the new Local Road and Community Infrastructure program, despite initially suggesting the money wouldn't be available.

Among the big winners are Launceston City Council getting $1.2 million, Northern Midlands with $960k, Dorset with $750k, and Clarence with $650k.

"There are several [grants] in the $300-500 thousand range, and then there are a couple around the $250 thousand range," Local Government Association of Tasmania President and West Tamar Mayor Christina Holmdahl said.

She says they had to lobby strongly for the move. 

"As a sector we are grateful the federal government has listened to us and they do understand that councils are at the front line and when these projects start to be rolled out, it's councils that are going to implement them. So we thank the government for listening and offering this support."

Among the smaller municipalities; Flinders Island recevied $298k and King Island $414k.

Which specific developments will be fast tracked is yet to be decided. 

"Our councils have a critical role in responding to the impacts of COVID-19, and we thank them for their efforts to support the Tasmanian community during these challenging times," Local Government Minister Mark Shelton said.

“I look forward to working with our northern Tasmanian councils to ensure projects support jobs and businesses as soon as possible.” Bass MP Bridget Archer said.

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