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Seedlab to make products 'export ready'


More than 200 Tasmanian start-up businesses will receive free expert support to get their products prepared for exporting to the world.

Seedlab Tasmania - the brainchild of renowned food scientist Dr Hazel MacTavish-West - has secured federal funding to the tune of nearly half-a-million dollars for the 2 year statewide program.

The advice for businesses will be overseen by a pool of local and global experts who provide mentorship, guidance, tools and resources.

"The brand name, its packaging designing, it might be the text on the packaging, it might just be help with logisitics or legal things they have to do to export products and import them into a country. It could also be around understanding the flavour preferences in a particular export market," Dr MacTavish West explained.

"We're going to be helping Tassie products get out there into the world and it's a really exciting opportunity - groundbreaking - there's never been anything like this before in Tassie. And that's why Woolworths, the University of Tasmania and over 60 start-up businesses have already begun the journey."

The $463,100 of federal funding comes via the Incubator Support Program. There's also $320,000 cash and $76,000 in-kind commitments from businesses and other organisations.

“Seedlab will be a game-changer for Tasmania. We will build on all the wonderful things our local businesses are doing and help them get to the next level by providing support to help them export their products. It also taps into the growing global demand for Tasmania’s stunning food, drinks and crops,” she said.

 Image via Facebook: Dr Hazel MacTavish-West (right) with Fiona (left) from Freshfield Grove launching the program today