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Ashley report storm

There are red faces over black ink not sufficiently blocking out highly unfavourable assessments of Tasmania's Ashley Youth Detention Centre.

Parts blacked out in a custodial inspector's report can still be seen, where security was found to be lax and the entry of contraband virtually unchecked.

It also noted force used on young inmates is not being properly recorded.

The CPSU's Tom Lynch commented after the storm broke out.

"If there is information there that puts that facility at risk in any way or any of the staff or inmates in that facility at risk then those issues need to be addressed as a matter of urgency."

Security was found to be virtually next to nothing at the centre and the Greens Rosalie Woodruff has drawn comparisons to the ugly example of the Northern Territory.

"This report shows that not only are incidents of isolation and the use of force not being documented, but it really is shades of Don Dale in Tasmania.

Labor's Shane Broad doesn't go quite as far as the Greens who want the facility closed.

"I think Ashley still has a role, but we need to have a look at restorative justice and other strategies to ensure that kids don't end up in jail to start with."