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Pill testing debate begins


The hot-button topic of pill testing has landed squarely in Tasmania's Upper House.

A motion which discusses the benefits of pill testing has been brought forward by Murchison Independent Ruth Forrest.

Ms Forrest's near hour-long address to the Legislative Council today cited numerous international studies which were in favour of the practice.

"This motion in no way condones, supports or approves of the use of party drugs or any other form of illicit substances. As a parent, and having talked to parents of young people, they would much rather this option than get a visit from a police officer with the worst possible news of all," she said.

If passed, it wouldn't carry any legislative weight, but Ms Forrest argues its symbolism would send a strong message that the issue is firmly on the agenda for parliament. 

"I believe young people do not take risks intending for their friends or themselves to be harmed. They geniunely believe they are 10 foot tall and invincible. If you remember back then, you probably thought the same of yourself. Sadly, this is not the reality," she said. 

Liberal members in both the Upper and Lower House have remained steadfast in not supporting any form of pill testing trial. 

Labor is also not backing Ms Forrest's motion, wanting to hear back from the coronial court in NSW which is looking into the deaths of a number of people in festivals last year.