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Housing crisis funding

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Tasmania's skyrocketing demand for more affordable housing options has prompted an injection of money from the state government.

Over $40 million has been brought forward to Thursday's budget, bringing the total figure of $68 million for 2019-20 to boost the supply of new social and affordable dwellings. 

Housing Minister Roger Jaensch says he's fair dinkum about getting results.

"In last year's budget we allocated $125 million over 5 years for Tasmania's affordable housing strategy," Mr Jaensch said.

"This year in recognition of continuing high demand for social housing in particular, we're allocating nearly one third of that, $40.5 million into 1 year - 2019-20 - to really supercharge our ability to get housing on the ground for people who need it." 

He argues the housing spend of nearly $200 million over eight years is the largest in Tasmanian history.

However, Labor is turning it's nose up at the move - saying we heard it all before.

“Despite being confronted with the cold hard reality today on the floor of the Parliament of a young single mother of four facing the very real prospect of becoming homeless, the best Minister Roger Jaensch can come up with is to advise Tasmanians in this situation to dial a 1800 number,” Shadow Housing Minister Alison Standen said.

“Premier Hodgman and Minister Jaensch have been presented with the terrible stories of Tasmanians living in shipping containers, under bridges and in their cars because the housing system is in crisis and they have done the bare minimum to address it.

“They have not acted, will continue not to act and additionally, a promise by Minister Jaensch today to bring forward $40 million is nothing more than an accounting trick designed to help a Minister who has simply not delivered.

“Yet again Minister Jaensch was unable today to confirm if he would deliver on his own target of 900 new homes by next month." 

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