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Crucial firewood choices

It is the season when firewood is being brought into homes across Tasmania and the message is choose your supplier carefully.

Every year there are stories of buyers being short-changed on the amount delivered and green firewood being advertised as dry.

Perhaps even more importantly, Birdlife Tasmania's Dr Eric Woehler explains dodgy firewood has serious environmental implications.

"When you see a car or ute or something parked on the side of the road with no business address and just cheap fire wood with a phone number, almost certainly it is going to be illegal. Has it actually had an impact on a threatened species as we saw a couple of years ago with the large loss of swift parrot habitat from illegal wood hooking."

Dr Woehler admits the perpetrators are hard to catch.

"The authorities need to find these people cutting down trees illegally in order to prosecute them, many times the land owner, or in the case of swift parrot researchers a couple of years ago, they literally stumble across an area that's been illegally logged for firewood." 

Last year, the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council received a report detailing how 480 tonnes of firewood had been illegally reaped in an area near Buckland over the course of a number of years.

Then Mayor Michael Kent insisted the destruction went a lot further than that across the East Coast. He even touched on the need for a ban on commercial firewood unless more serious steps were taken to catch the rogue wood hookers and implement harsher penalties.