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Good times for Tasmanian wine

Quality of Tasmania's upcoming wine grape harvest is shaping up as top shelf, but it's also the quantity causing excitement.

It seems bushfire smoke taint has been mostly avoided, while one major producer in the north is reporting favourable warm temperatures combined with rain at just the right intervals.

Wine Tasmania's Sheralee Davies describes this 4th consecutive season of good yield volumes as unprecedented.

"Our volume of wine grapes in Tasmania goes up and down like a yo-yo, our quantities of wine can be as much as 50% down on any particular season, so for us to have solid yields is a great outcome."

She regards spreading the word as important as ever. 

"We can't expect that just because we can produce some excellent wines that people will necessarily seek us out, we need to make sure that we're very much driving that demand for our wines, both in Australia but also in some key markets around the world, so that people always have Tasmania on their minds when they are looking for small quantities of very high quality wine."