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Man circumnavigates Tasmania solo on a jet ski

Jet ski

For the first time ever, an adventurer has circumnavigated Tasmania solo on a jet ski.

60-year-old Lindsay Warner from South Australia finished the solo trip in 12 days yesterday and says it was a journey like no other.

"Tasmania is an island, I wanted to go around it and I like a bit of an adventure. It hadn't been done before and I've done a few ocean trips on a jet ski, just looking for a challenge and this one is beauty because you've got so many diverse areas - you've got the wilderness, you've got the populated areas, you've got the weather patterns changing throughout the day," he says.

He says he saw a range of unique wildlife during the gruelling trip.

"I saw some flying fish that went up and past me and I thought that's very fascinating. Big dolphins too down around South West Cape. Huge dolphins - one nearly flipped off the rear vision mirror, they were jumping that close to the ski," he says.

He says his next adventure will most likely involve his motorbike and a journey to Rome.

Main Image: Lindsay Warner on his jet ski, supplied by Martin Agatyn.