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Paedophile crackdown

Child abuse

The Tasmanian Government is lukewarm on Morisson Government calls for a national sex offenders register.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton is urging all states and territories to join with the Commonwealth in establishing a national register.

"The data has to be provided by the states and territories, so it doesn't work without their buy-in," said Mr Dutton. 

"That's why we're in a phase of consultation with them now, but we're certainly committed to going ahead with something, but we would need the agreement of the states and territories."

It would reportedly be based on registries in the United States, where parents can look up where convicted child sex offenders live.

It's understood the online register would include a person’s name, photograph, date of birth and postcode.

It would also outline the nature of their offending.

It's prompted a guarded reaction from the Tasmanian Government. 

“The Tasmanian Liberal Government’s record on pursuing reforms that protect victims is clear, including strengthening our sex offender register, and our plan for mandatory minimum sentences for serious child sex offences, which Labor and the Greens oppose," said a spokesperson. 

“Tasmania would need to be convinced that such a reform would provide genuine protections for victims.

“The concept of a national public register has previously been the subject of extensive national discussions, including review of relevant evidence and was not supported at that time”.