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No backing down

Chanting their way through central Hobart, public sector nurses, midwives and their 'true believers' wound up on Tasmania's parliament house lawns. 

Among those greeting them was Labor leader Rebecca White who's on board their fight for a sweeter deal than the government's broad 2% annual wage increase policy. 

The Nursing and Midwifery Federation's Emily Shepherd is at the frontline of negotiations.

"We've had a meeting this morning and we have seen an intensification of negotiations, there will be a further meeting tomorrow morning, we're hopeful after today's rally and certainly all the community rallies held around the state the government will listen and they will come to the table with a competitive offer."

Nurse Gracie Patten describes the chronic strain at the Royal Hobart Hospital.

"We're at least getting a double shift a day, at the moment we're on escalation level four for nearly two weeks straight, everyone's just burnt out, we've got more grads (graduates) and casual on our wards than we do regular staff, it's putting our patients at risk."

Nurses speak out, left Grace Patten and middle Kat Loader.