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Gender ID fuss

A bid for Tasmania to complete an Australian first with the total removal of gender from birth certificates has broken down.

After initially indicating they'd give the Greens the numbers to see it through parliament, Labor's now only prepared to let parents make the choice.

Susan Fahey from the Women's Legal Service wonders if there's that much interest in the broader community.

"Most of us won't be affected by these changes at all, it's a small group of people who, for them, having a birth certificate that actually accurately represents who they are, has their name on it, has who they are on it, it will make a massive difference, for the rest of us it really won't matter."

She describes the matter as being blown out of proportion.

"The situation has arisen that the government needs to make certain changes because of the marriage equality bill passing, the trans and intersex community have said look while you're at it can you please make some other changes that will make our lives a lot easier and actually let us have ID that reflects who we are."