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Western wilds drive

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Work is now underway for Tasmania's Western Wilds drive.

The venture's set to be a major tourism drawcard, according to the state government.

The drive along the Lyell Highway starts from Granton all the way to the West Coast.

The journey will feature artwork exploring indigenous culture, the mining industry, the state’s renewable energy scheme and the Tasmanian Tiger.

“It’s incredibly important for us to be able to shine a light on the discrete regions of southern Tasmania," CEO of Destinations Southern Tasmania Alex Heroys said.

"We know that 91% of destination decisions are made before the visitor arrives. Getting an ability to shine a light on the stories of western Tasmania is the way we are going to try to convert them for their decision to visit the area before they arrive and when they arrive."

West Coast councillor Phil Vickers said it's great news for the area.

“It is a challenge to get people out of Hobart and Launceston. We’re 300 kilometres from both places. The creation of an interesting route to getting out can only be a benefit to the industry,” he said.

Mr Vickers said he believes all locations along the journey will see a tourism boom from the drive.

“I suppose being a bit selfish we’d like to think that they’ll journey along and the destination will be West Coast. In saying that, places like Derwent Bridge, Hamilton, Ouse, I think all stand to be able to benefit from the drive one way or another,” he said.

The drive’s part of the government’s $1.4 million dollar journeys project to deliver three new journeys.

Image supplied: Alan Porritt, AAP.