Meteor mania

Taking a look skywards at night to the north should allow Tasmanians to see something a bit special until the middle of the month.

At its best, the Geminid meteor showers should produce around 20 or 30 meteors an hour.

Shevill Mathers from the Southern Cross Observatory near Hobart recommends you don't bother with any special equipment to take in the show.

"All you need is a Mark 1 eyeball because they cover a large part of the sky, you just need to look in the general direction north / northeast and you will see Orion coming over the horizon, they could shoot anywhere across the sky."

Although the best displays might be a few days away, you should be able to witness the meteors lighting up the night sky.

"The Geminid is perhaps one of the finest and the most reliable of the major annual meteor showers, visible from the 4th to 17th December, the maximum is around about the 14th, looking north you should see bright medium speed meteors."