Vote count drags on

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has arrived in Brisbane to court colourful Queensland MP Bob Katter as the result from Saturday's election hangs in the balance.

Mr Turnbull has expressed confidence in an eventual Coalition majority.

The latest AEC results have the Coalition ahead in 74 seats while Labor's looking good in 71.

76 are needed for a majority government. 

Meantime, a new poll has shown Labor's focus on Medicare and healthcare helped bring the issues to the top of voters' minds as they cast their ballots.

Newscorp has published a pre-election poll of 1000 families, showing 38 per cent of voters rated Medicare as an important issue, with hospitals and healthcare sitting at 39 per cent.

It's considered a major factor in three Coalition MPs being turfed from office in Tasmania, Bill Shorten visiting Launceston yesterday for a victory lap. 

The seat of Bass experienced a swing of more than 10 per cent against the Coalition's Andrew Nikolic. 

Labor Member-elect for Bass, Ross Hart, says if the Coalition forms Government Labor will hold them to account.

"They have a choice: they can listen to us, they can listen to the people of Tasmania, and they can deliver on the basis that we were elected to represent the people of Tasmania on particular policies."