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Tasmania's population on the rise

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Tasmania's population is climbing, according to the latest Census data.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has found that 569,800 live in the Apple Isle, as of December 2021.

Tasmania’s population growth over the year was 0.8%, which was the third-strongest growth in the nation, with our population growing by a significant margin of 4,270 persons.

Victoria was the only state to suffer a decline, down minus point 1 per cent, but Tasmania's grown by 4300 people compared to the year before, with overseas migration contributing most of that number.

We had 6044 births and 4769 deaths but lost 486 people to interstate migration.

Greater Hobart has 247,086 residents, 51% of those are female, with a median age of 39 years old, and a median weekly household income of $1542.

Rokeby and Brighton the fastest-growing areas, along with Longford in the north.

State Development Minister Guy Barnett has welcomed the data.

"These statistics confirm what we already know – that Tasmania is an attractive choice for people looking to live, work and raise a family with an economy that continues to perform strongly," Mr Barnett said.

The data also found arthritis is Tasmania's most common type of long-term health condition.

12.2% of census participants in Tasmania reported the chronic malady, or more than 68,000 people, well above the Australian average, with similar worrying figures for long-term mental health conditions.