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Police not impressed with speeders

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Police are urging drivers to slow down and obey the speed limit after 13 drivers were detected speeding during a three-hour targeted traffic operation on the Ridgley Highway on Wednesday.

Police say it's concerning that 11 of the 13 drivers were issued infringement notices for speeding between 15 and 29 kilometres above the posted limit.
One driver, a 26 year-old Burnie man, was intercepted driving 45 kilometres above the speed limit and will be proceeded against by summons for speeding and driving his vehicle contrary to the conditions of his licence.
His vehicle was clamped for a period of 28 days.
Police say it's a disappointing result, especially with speeding as one of the fatal five contributors to serious and fatal crashes on Tasmanian roads.
They say it's everyone’s responsibility to ensure the safety of themselves and others travelling on our roads and police will continue to detect and prosecute those who put their own and others' lives at risk.