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Agfest moves to the cloud

Agfest Tasmania

After a successful four days in the paddock, Agfest 2021 has moved to the cloud.

10,000 people per day attended the festival at Quercus Park, featuring more than 500 exhibitors.

The weather was unusually kind compared to previous years, with plenty of sunshine and blue skies creating the perfect festival atmosphere in Carrick.

There were concerns about the number of people missing out on the event, with Public Health refusing to budge on the 10,000 per day cap, despite numerous calls in the lead up to Agfest.

But anyone who was unable to secure a ticket to the physical festival, can now go online to view all the products that were on offer in the paddock.

Agfest Chairman Ethan Williams is encouraging people to spend up big and support local businesses.

“Our exhibitors quickly embraced the opportunity to continue to promote their Agfest specials online after we closed the Quercus gates so there will be deals on hammers, hay balers, pumps, plants, cars, caravans, socks, shirts and much more," Mr Williams said.

“We were restricted to 10,000 people on site each day this year, compared to our usual crowd of up to 30,000 per day, so we know there are thousands of disappointed Tasmanians who missed out on supporting their favourite agricultural businesses. Hopefully they will now spend up in a big way through Agfest in the cloud.”

Mr Williams also thanked all the volunteers, staff, exhibitors and visitors for their support.

“The entire Rural Youth organisation sincerely thanks every single person and business that makes this incredible event recognised as one of the top three field days in Australia," he said.

Shoppers can access Agfest in the cloud via www.agfest.com.au until 5pm on Saturday the 15th of May.