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Official campaigns launched

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Both major parties have officially launched their election campaigns, two weeks out from the state election.

Tasmanians are heading to the polls ten months earlier than expected after the Premier declared his government in minority when Speaker Sue Hickey resigned.

That's proven to be a stretch after Ms Hickey declared confidence and supply, and Independent Madeleine Ogilvie joined the Liberals straight away.

Speaking to party faithful in Hobart on Sunday, Peter Gutwein called for people to vote the Liberals in for a third term, pointing to his success in managing the pandemic.

"Much was made of when I shed a tear in Parliament after shutting down thousands of businesses and putting tens of thousands out of work. I am not a person who wears their emotions on their sleeve. I cannot cry on command. The enormity of those decisions was not lost on me and nor will they ever be."

Prime Minister Scott Morrison was a notable absentee at the event, still yet to visit the state since the election was called. 

For the second time in as many weeks, federal Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese joined state Labor colleagues, this time to launch their offical campaign.

Rebecca White is vowing to fix the Tasmania's health and housing woes, as well as pour millions into education, but her early campaigning was derailed by in-fighting within the party.

"She is a strong leader of courage. She has heart, she has integrity and importantly, she has capacity. She will be a great Premier with a great team around her. You can count on them to plan ahaed and to act in your interests," Mr Albanese said.  

"This election isn't just about what happened in the past week or the past month or the past year. It's about what's happened in the last 7 years of a Liberal government. And after 7 years of a Liberal government the crisis in our health and hospital system has never been worse. The crisis in housing is getting worse by the month. Educational outcomes remain the worst in the country and underemployment and insecure work have become the all-too-grim norm," Mr Shite said.