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Dean Winter to stand for Labor

Rebecca White MP 2

Popular Kingborough mayor Dean Winter will stand as a Labor candidate in the seat of Franklin after a pledge from Tasmania's leader to the ALP national executive.

Overlooking Mr Winter as a candidate has dogged the party's every step soon after the May 1st election was called.

On Monday, it was revealed the Australian Workers' Union had intervened, calling on the powerful National Executive to revoke all preselection decisions.

Leader Rebecca White says she had no choice but to step in.

“I can confirm that I wrote to the national executive of the Australian Labor Party, asking them to endorse Dean Winter as the sixth candidate in Franklin,” Ms White said.

“This matter does need to be resolved and obviously it’s become quite important now that this is resolved before the close of nominations (on Wednesday)."

“I think that Dean would be an excellent candidate for the Labor Party, he’s a very popular local mayor in the south of the state. He’s worked incredibly hard during his term as mayor but he’s also been a member of the Labor Party for 15 years and he brings with him a number of qualities that would be of great benefit not just for my Labor ticket, and of my party but for the community of Tasmania.”