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Border and fruit conundrum

Border policy and mounting a seasonal workforce to substitute for absent international back-packers is an ongoing topic in parliament.

8000 people are needed for harvest jobs in Tasmania's $1.6 billion agriculture industry.

Labor leader Rebecca White claims the Gutwein government is having to look for workers outside of the state because it's not supporting the push for JobSeeker payments to be unaffected for local pickers...and has lost the plot on its border policy.

"How can you say to those Tasmanians that have been denied the opportunity to come home to mourn with their loved ones for a funeral that they have had to observe via Zoom that they are not allowed to come back, but you can bring a worker into this state to pick fruit, the inequity here is galling."

An EMRS poll recently found 55% of Tasmanians surveyed want the government to open the border to states and territories with no community coronavirus transmission.