xmas 2019 wings

xmas 2019 wings

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NSW must protect workers from deadly dust

Toiling on a construction site or in a mine apart can result in a deadly lung disease that a new parliamentary report is urging the NSW government to take seriously.

Lynette Dawson seen alive, court told

Lynette Dawson was seen walking around alive and well on two separate occasions after being allegedly murdered by her husband, a court has heard.

Four years on, the Biloela family is home

After four years of detention centres, court challenges and a major medical scare, a family of four Tamil asylum seekers who captured the nation's hearts has arrived home.

JC threatened Lynette Dawson, court told

The babysitter and woman who eventually married Christopher Michael Dawson threatened his first wife Lynette and had reason to see her killed, a judge has heard.

Tas boy's death an 'unspeakable tragedy'

A four-year-old Tasmanian boy who died after being hit by a garbage truck while riding his bike had only just picked up his uniform for the start of the school year.