xmas 2017 wings

xmas 2017 wings


Whittington to hear travel ban verdict

A Lebanese court is set to hand down its verdict on whether a former Australian soldier charged over 60 Minutes' botched child abduction attempt is allowed to lift a ban preventing him from leaving the country while on bail.

Australian-British national Adam Whittington is expected to hear the verdict at a Beirut court on Saturday after the father of the children at the centre of scandal successfully placed a travel ban on him.

Mr Whittington, who acts as a child recovery agent, was last week granted bail on charges of kidnapping the children of Brisbane mum Sally Faulkner from a street in Lebanon in April while being filmed by a Nine Network 60 Minutes crew.

Mr Whittington's lawyer Joe Karam told AAP his client was being held to ransom by the father, Ali Elamine, who he accused of applying the travel ban after demanding money in return for dropping charges against Mr Whittington and his colleagues.

Mr Elamine's team allegedly asked for a "huge amount" of money from Mr Whittington's family.

"They are trying to corner our client and take a ransom," he told AAP on Friday night.

While Ms Faulkner and the 60 Minutes crew were released from jail after two weeks because Nine reportedly paid $500,000 to the children's Lebanese father, Mr Whittington and his three colleagues were kept behind bars.

Mr Karam said he has presented evidence in court of a $500,000 cheque paid to Mr Elamine's lawyer for the release of the defendants.

"They were well compensated," Mr Karam told AAP.

Mr Elamine has previously maintained his focus was on getting custody of his children, not on financial gain.

When he was granted custody in a Lebanese court in April, he said he was glad the case was over and that Ms Faulkner was free on bail.

"She is their mother and I don't want them growing up and thinking 'Daddy had the option of letting mummy off easily and he didn't," he said earlier this year.

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