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Farmers want retailers to extend milk levy

Dairy farmers have called for a 10-cent-a-litre levy on all milk sales to help farmers battling drought, after Australia's major supermarkets announced a price hike on some home-branded products.

Bellamy lights fuse for fiery NRL finals

The stage has been set for a fiery opening to the NRL's preliminary finals, with Melbourne coach Craig Bellamy all but accusing Cronulla of having their own dirty tactics.

Woolworths pulls sewing needles from sale

Supermarket giant Woolworths has taken the extraordinary step of withdrawing sewing needles from its shelves nationally following the fruit tampering crisis.

Boy arrested over pins in NSW strawberries

Copycats and pranksters who insert pins and needles into fruit are being hunted by police, with one boy already arrested in NSW while fresh cases continue to emerge across the state.

Fed govt queries Hobart hospital plan

The federal health minister wants an explanation from the Tasmanian government over a plan to put patients in corridors and alcoves at Hobart's major hospital to deal with overcrowding.