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It seems that waterfalls are all the buzz at the moment in Tasmania. If you are yet to hit the road and take a trip to Forth Falls then you are in for a real treat! Forth Falls are located at Wilmot in the states north west and flows into Lake...


Sometimes I just hop in the car and follow the bonnet... which means I could end up anywhere!

This time around all I needed to do was go to Deloraine and pick up a prize that I'd won in a members draw from a community group I am involved with but when I arrived I thought hey... when in Rome!

I'm fascinated by the Western Tiers, they look amazing no matter what time of the year it is but there aren't many direct roads up the top of it which lead me to drive through to Meander and onto Lake Huntsman. Not quite on the plateau but close enough to make you feel worlds away.


The Huntsman Lake picnic ground is well kept and equipped with a weather shelter,  BBQ area, toilets and a boat ramp not too far away which could make for an amazing weekend away in the Meander shire. 


Huntsman Lake is less than 30mins from Deloraine so why not grab some supplies from one of the grocers, butchers or service stations in the area and make a day of it with your family and friends? Just make sure you leave before you're locked in by the boom gate at the end of the day!

Huntsman Lake can be found on Huntsman Rd, just keep heading south from Meander.

Until next time, happy Tassie'ing! Lee.

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Tasmania is full of little gems, I may be a little bias, but most of them are here in the North West right!?

Maybe you are on your way to Leven Canyon, taking the road less traveled or seen it on Gardening Australia, have I got a treat for you!

They were closed due to Covid-19 restrictions for much of the year but I recently returned to Kaydale Lodge Gardens in Nietta for the second time, camera in hand for the amazing photo opportunities and an appetite for their famous home-made soup and bread rolls.


The gardens have been a labor of love for the Crowden family for over 40 years, establishing the 70 hectare property in 1979.

You could spend all day here, especially when the sun is shining. Looking beyond the florals and foliage you start to see the wonders of nature with bumble bees, spiders and insects of all shapes and sizes going about their daily business.

The surrounding infrastructure and stonework is to be marveled at and if you are still feeling a little stressed then pay a visit to the zen garden where you'll be at peace surrounded by the carefully curated bonsais. 


After strolling through the kaleidoscope of colours I couldn't pass up a light lunch of pumpkin soup, home made bread rolls and fresh churned butter - naturally finishing off my springtime experience with sweets. 

IMG 6988

Kaydale Gardens are on Loongana Rd at Nietta and are open daily from 9am until sunset. There is a small cost for entry.

Until next time, happy Tassie'ing! Lee. 

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Burnie City Council were extremely disappointed to learn that the Upper Natone Reserve was vandalised over the weekend.

Burnie City Council Mayor Steve Kons said “The green grassed picnic and bbq areas have been churned up by
vehicles and reduced to mud; Council estimate that these areas will be unable to be accessed by the public
for quite a while as they are rehabilitated. 
“For the volunteers who put in hours of their free time to keep this reserve looking its best throughout the
year, it was a feeling of dismay as they woke to the news and then the sight of the vandalism.”
Fiona Tustian, long-time member of the Upper Natone Reserve Special Committee said “Community
members, reserve users and the general public have been expressing their outrage at this vandalism. There
has also been an outpouring of appreciation for our beautiful reserve along with appreciation for our small
group of volunteers and the work they do.
“Our volunteers spend many hours looking after the reserve. They turn up every weekend on a rostered
system to carry out general maintenance like cleaning the area, picking up rubbish, checking the walking
track barbecue areas shelters and play equipment and clean the toilet facility and organize working bees.
“Our dedicated volunteers are very passionate about our beautiful reserve and are gutted when this kind of
reckless vandalism occurs.
“It makes me very sad when I hear people tell me they were ‘too frightened’ to visit the reserve due to this
unacceptable behavior.”
The incident has been reported to the police.



Images: Suppiled/Burnie City Council


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