Clip-on man buns are as hilarious as they sound

Clip on man buns are as hilarious as they sound

The Male 'Top Knot' or Man-Bun has gained traction online after someone discovered the product page on Groupon selling fake, clip-on Man-Buns.

For 10 dollars, you could have your very own man-bun that's "one of the hottest trends in men’s fashion" and is a hairstyle that "oozes with fashion sense".

One of the best features is the attach - and detachability. Blend into your surroundings.

The hilarious ad goes on to explain that while you may feel the need to don the bun when the smell of fair-trade coffee wafts over you or when you hear a banjo, you may need to detach the hair piece when someone mutters the word 'bro' or in the presence of a motorcycle gang.

These appear to be the same kind of bun that have been available for women to years, but some genius came up with the idea of marketing it to men.

They have blonde, brown and black haired versions, we're not sure what that says about hair colour equality for gingers.

A link to the Groupon product page for the man-bun here (worth it for the pictures!)