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Formed in 1977
The Yolla Co-Op has gone from strength to strength since the idea of one man brought the farmers of Tasmania together.
Yolla Co-Op is a farmer’s co-operative supplying a full range of rural merchandise and supplies to Tasmanian farmers. Formed in 1977 by a handful of farmers from Yolla in North West Tasmania, today the Co-Op serves some 800 members throughout Tasmania from remote areas on the West Coast to the Tasman Peninsula.

Yolla Co-Op exist for the benefit of its members; each member is equally important to us. We’re not a large corporate or multinational company. We’re not trying to maximise profits for corporate investors and institutions in Melbourne or Sydney or even overseas, as in the case of many of our competitors. We’re here to work for you and your farm!
History of the Yolla Co-Op
Few people would have been game to place a wager that a group of farmers in the late 1970s would be able to start a buyers group and that more than 40 years later, this would continue to be a thriving business, with more than 800 Members.

Even the founding members would never have dreamed that their efforts to obtain bulk buying power would grow 900% in membership in the first 10 years of operation, or even still exist by 2020.

Owned by Tasmanian Farmers and Proud of It!
We’re owned and managed by Tasmanian farmers; in other words, we work for you! We provide our members with a full range of rural supplies at extremely competitive prices. We buy goods in bulk and pass on the savings to our members. In addition, by using the purchasing power of our 600 members, we can provide our members with access to a wide range of rural, business and personal goods and services at reduced prices through our Yolla Partners program.