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Youngs Vegie Shed Featured

The Original Farmers Market ~ Est. 1977
• 2019 Burnie Excellence Awards Gold Business of the Year
• 2019 Burnie Excellence Awards Agribusiness of the Year
Farm to Fork produce
Young’s Vegie Shed is the original market that has grown to become your one-stop food destination. Established in 1977 by John and Miriam Young, we are still going strong more than 40 years later. We grow crops like potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, swedes, iceberg lettuce, cabbages, raspberries, blue berries, brussels sprouts and pumpkins on our own farm and work with other local Tasmanian farmers and suppliers to offer you a wide selection of flavourful produce. We are dedicated to bringing you locally grown and supplied produce to give you and your family the freshest fruits and vegetables, from farm to fork.

Our selection is varied, and we feature seasonal favourites to make eating local even more affordable. In addition to our fruits and vegetables, we also stock Tasmania’s largest range of JC ‘s Quality Foods, nuts, mixes, dried fruits and confectionery as well as meats, speciality dairy products, free range and barn laid eggs and an extensive range of groceries item.