Listen to Lee & Jess for Breakfast after 8am to find out where the Sea FM cruiser will be and what we've got to give away this week!

Our current giveaways are:

Williams Bread - are after some new taste ambassadors to sample the new varieties of Williams Bread, bred for taste by Cripps!

Bondi Chai - Australia’s most awarded chai latte

Betta Flavored Milks - Betta Taste Betta Milk

White Glo Toothpaste - Rated #1 most effective whitening toothpaste

Schweppes Crisp Soda - The Crisp Soda is the lighter style soft drink you’ve been looking for, with only 3.3% sugar and no artificial colours or flavours, Available in three great flavours - Wild Raspberry, Zesty Lemon and Crisp Green Apple. Try one today!

Thanks to:

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