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Tas could become "battery of Australia" PM announces


Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull today announced feasibility work which will look into doubling the capacity of Tasmania’s hydropower system.

The announcement made at the Trevallyn Power Station alongside Premier Will Hodgman and Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg.

The Australian Renewable Energy Scheme will put 2.5 million dollars into the studies and will work with Hydro Tasmania to increase the capacity of its energy scheme.

If successful, it could turn Tasmania into the “battery of Australia” said the PM.

"There is an opportunity here for Tasmania to play an even bigger part in ensuring that Australians have reliable and affordable energy and, of course, that we meet our emissions reduction target, said Mr Turnbull.”

Hydro Tasmania CEO Steve Davy said it is in discussions with ARENA on two main feasibility studies.

Mr Hodgman said it’s long been his vision to cement Tasmania’s place as the renewable energy storage of the Nation.

"What we are talking about today sets up Hydro Tasmania and, indeed, our state for the next 100 years," he said.

"We're talking another 500,000 homes that could be fuelled."

The studies will be completed ‘as soon as possible’ Mr Turnbull said.

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